The Marquesas Keys are a small island chain about 30 miles West of Key West. It is a world renown fishery and a fishing destination on most anglers’ list. The islands form a ring, also known as an atoll. These islands are unique because while most atolls are formed by volcanic activity, this atoll was formed by a meteor strike. This chain is a beautiful sight and a real treasure of the Florida Keys.

The main targets inshore in the Marquesas are tarpon, bonefish, and permit. These are three of the most challenging fish to target and provide anglers with incredibly high highs, and low lows. There are plenty of other fish to target as well if those guys don’t feel like playing.

The Marquesas are built up of mangrove islands, shallow flats, and channels that run into and around the ring. There are also shallow water wrecks and patch reefs scattered all around. These different types of structure provide a huge variety of types of fishing and fish to target.

If you are looking for one of the roads less traveled, you can find it on our Marquesas trip. This is a secluded place that not everyone gets to see and experience.

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