Shark Fishing - Big and Toothy

Shark fishing in the Keys is a great way to spend the day. We have an abundance of different species to target which is great. We call them "The Taxman" when they decide to come to us unwanted. Some of our sharks get very big and they all pull hard.

  Lemon Sharks - Long, lean, and shallow

  Bull Sharks - The aplha sharks

  Blacktip Sharks - Stalky and fast

  Bonnethead Sharks - Flats stalkers

  Nurse Sharks - Scavengers of the sea

  Hammerhead Sharks - Rare and majestic



Sharks can be taken in a number of different ways which makes them a great target. They respond very well to chumming and will come in willingly. They will eat a variety of baits from flies and artificial lures, to chunks of bait. We use heavy tackle for large sharks and wire to prevent getting cut off.