Flats Fishing - The ultimate team sport

Most people don't understand that Flats fishing is a team sport. The angler is the hands, and the guide is the eyes. Neither party can be successful without the help of their counter part. In order to win, both angler and guide must work together.

Stay ready at all times!

If you want to experience traditional Key West Flats Fishing, look no further. This style of fishing can be very challenging and frustrating, but there is no other style as rewarding. When everything comes together and the fish comes to the boat, you can actually feel the victory come over the boat. Flats fishing is awesome from sight fishing specific targets to blind throwing for cudas.

This style can be adjusted for all skill levels on both spinning and fly tackle. While it usually isn't the best way to produce fast action and large catch counts. Each catch counts a little bit more.

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