The Backcountry - This is it!

The Key West Backcountry is an area that we fish almost every single day. The lower keys backcountry is a great place to fish and explore. This area includes various basins along the Gulf of Mexico, multiple mangrove islands, and the channels  that are found everywhere. The backcountry holds an immeasurable amount of different fish.

The backcountry is home to numerous different species of fish both big and small. The shallow flats provide foraging grounds for fish like permit and bonefish. The channels make a great funnel for tarpon and other larger fish to feed in. The mangrove root systems make an excellent place for small fish to grow up without predators being able to reach them. The basins make large bowls and contain different types of structure like ledges and coral heads.

The backcountry makes up a huge area that provides an abundance of different types of fish and fishing methods. You can challenge yourself on the flats sightfishing for the slam. You can have a fun day of rod bending with multi species catches in the basins. There is no other place like the keys backcountry for fishing.