The Goliath Grouper is known as one of the true giants of the ocean. They can grow up and over 600lbs and are voracious eaters. Goliath groupers inhabit shallower waters for the most part and can be found around a lot of different types of underwater structure. These structures can be natural, like rock ledges, or man made wrecks. Interestingly enough, they aren’t actually groupers, but are part of the wrasse family.

The goliath grouper was given the endangered species designation in 1990 due to over fishing. They are pretty territorial and usually unafraid of people making them an easy target for divers. They have made a good comeback and numbers continue to grow. These fish are sometimes considered to be trouble makers when they steal other fish from anglers.

Due to the regulations on them, the goliath grouper is a catch and release only fish. They are an absolute blast to try and pull up, but most of the time they win. We use the heaviest tackle we have when targeting these beasts. A good strong drag and some determination are needed to turn these fish to the boat. Baits of choice include anything that we can catch. The bigger the better as far as they are concerned.

These fish can be fed fairly easily, and in some cases we can sight fish them. Feeding them is the easy part. The work starts as soon as it turns and starts heading home. With one stroke of their huge tail the fish will start taking precious line away from you. You might even feel like you could get pulled out. If you can withstand the first few surges and get it turned, you have a chance.

This can be a very intense fight that is not for the weak. If you are up to the challenge, contact us and let’s go get one!

These are some of the other fish that we target.

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